Shaping the future together

Zero waste, 100 percent reusable material

All PreZero employees have committed themselves to the same idea: reducing the consumption of natural resources, reducing waste and shaping the future with sustainable and efficient solutions.

Every new concept eases the burden on the environment, every decision can help preserve natural resources. Assuming responsibility for the environment and for the people go hand in hand. For this reason, we are streamlining processes in order to use resources profitably and optimize structures sustainably. Every unnecessary step is one step too many.

Every additional gram of CO2 produced is one gram too much. And any waste that is not recycled is a wasted piece of raw material. With this in mind, we continue to improve our processes – from logistics to the handling of waste. We connect economy with ecology.

Our VisionNew thinking for a cleaner tomorrow.

Unique opportunities for new recycling loops

As part of the Schwarz Group, we have unique opportunities to develop new recycling loops, thereby reducing the consumption of natural resources.

Since we are backed by one of the largest retailers in the world, we can take the entire value chain into consideration – from production to retail, collection, sorting and recycling to reuse – and develop unprecedented solutions.

Our Values

Our goal: Zero waste of resources along the entire value chain

For our team, this means nothing is impossible. And to make the impossible possible, we need lateral thinkers and pragmatists who are willing to take on joint responsibility.


I feel connected with the company and my colleagues, and for this reason, I appreciate the commitment, respect and empathy that is shown when dealing with each other.


I work self-determined and like having the responsibility that goes along with it. This also means dealing with mistakes in a transparent manner so that everyone can learn from them.


I combine structure and agility, because just as our agile way of working helps us to progress, defined processes help us to consolidate our achievements.


I think and act pragmatically, creatively, and outside the box — “there is no such thing as impossible.”


I am always respectful, and this is how I encourage feedback, honesty, and transparency in our organization.

Our History

In 2009, our company was founded under the name GreenCycle, originating from a department in waste disposal logistics of the retail company Lidl. As PreZero, we have grown to become the environmental division of the Schwarz Group with:









Then and now – the waste disposal company for a cleaner tomorrow


SUEZ Integration

With the acquisition of SUEZ in Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, PreZero gains 7,200 new employees and 140 sites.


PreZero Stiftung

For a unified brand identity, the GreenCycle Stiftung is renamed the PreZero Stiftung.

WWF partnership

The partnership with the WWF is expanded internationally and extended for an additional five years until 2025.

Purchase of Suez Sweden

Successful acquisition of Suez Sweden with 1100 employees and 50 locations.

Partnership with Allianz Arena

PreZero is the official waste disposal and recycling partner of the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany.

Kunststoff Recycling Grünstadt (KRG)

PreZero invests in the recycling facilities in Grünstadt, Germany.

Brand environment

In addition to PreZero, we are establishing new brands: PreTurn and OutNature.

Recycled plastics from California

PreZero US opens the first LPDE recycling facility.

Additional acquisitions

PreZero continues to grow with the addition of Komart in Poland, as well as Aussieker & Stahlhut and the container service Herbert Schulz in Germany.

Modern sorting facilities

While our state-of-the-art LVP sorting facility is opening in the Netherlands, additional investments are made into new facilities in Bremen and in Evergem, Belgium.

Our own dual system

PreZero Dual starts its activities in seven German states.


Exclusive partner of the Klima Arena

PreZero supports the unique adventure center on climate change in Sinsheim as a sponsor and consultant on sustainability issues.

Entry into the recycling business

With Sky Plastic Group, PreZero takes over the leading company in recycling of post-consumer plastics in Europe.

Campaign for consumer education

Together with the initiative geTon, PreZero tours Germany and provides information about the topic of garbage separation to consumers at Kaufland and Lidl stores.

Additional acquisitions

With HILLENERGY, Noll Biogas and Noll Entsorgung as well as Lewedag, PreZero expands its value chain.

PreZero Arena

We become the sustainability partner of TSG Hoffenheim’s stadium.


Cornerstone for operational disposal business in Europe

Purchase of Tönsmeier, the fifth largest waste disposal service provider in Germany.

Start of the expansion

With the purchase of the American environmental services provider RMG Recycling, the first acquisition is made.

The brand PreZero is established

A digital disposal platform goes online under the name PreZero.


Further development of the consulting business

GreenCycle starts to offer its expertise in disposal and recycling to external customers outside of the Schwarz Group.


Expansion in the Schwarz Group

GreenCycle expands its sphere of activity to the retail chain Kaufland and the production facilities of the Schwarz Group.


New business areas

Strategies to prevent waste and for recycling are in demand; additional recyclables like PET bottles and films are later added.



With GreenCycle, the Schwarz Group pools disposal expertise in one subsidiary in order to manage the recyclables at Lidl and to transfer them into closed loops.