PreZero makes use of the potential that garbage presents to the fullest extent possible. The basis for sustainable recycling is well-coordinated waste management, from the separate collection of different types of waste to the sorting and preparation for recycling. As a result, PreZero sees itself as an innovation driver in the industry along the entire value creation cycle.

For us there is no such thing as waste, only unsorted valuable materials in the wrong place.

Optimizing material flows

The experts at PreZero analyze the material flows. The first question to ask is which recyclables are generated in which quantities / volumes and in which locations.

The analysis results can be used to derive ideal locations for waste containers – and suggestions on how to best separate the waste.

Separate collection

A well-thought-out concept for separating types of waste is the basis for recovering valuable raw materials and reducing the amount of waste.

Every material flow and different application therefore requires a suitable container system as well as innovations in order to collect the various recyclable materials separately from each other as efficiently as possible.

Efficient transport

The next step is to prepare the sorted recyclables for efficient transport. The collected recyclable materials are formed into bales with the help of baling press machines in order to make optimum use of vehicle loading space. This leads to both reduced transportation costs and decreasing environmental impact caused by superfluous freight traffic.

To protect other road users, all vehicles are equipped with extensive safety packages, including the latest turning assistant and backup assistant technologies. Digital solutions with modern telematics systems also assist with efficient collection. In those areas where PreZero is not yet active, we are organizing collection with the help of a network of small and medium-sized waste disposal partners.

Modern sorting

Good sorting is the basis for efficient recycling of materials. Therefore it is especially important in this area to always build and expand facilities based on the latest standards. PreZero is thus investing in state-of-the-art sorting facilities that can do more than the current specifications require. This is the only way we can achieve our goal of efficiently closing the recycling loop.

  • More than 30 modern sorting facilities with state-of the art technology
  • Mechanical and automated presorting processes
  • Sensory fine screening with up to 26 near-infrared separators per facility
  • Use of robotics as well as artificial intelligence concepts to control the system
  • Modern methods, e.g., also for sorting black plastics


In the preparation step, the material flows are prepared and pre-processed for recycling. State-of-the-art technology and systems are used for this purpose in order to ensure the best possible further processing.

A network of longstanding partners guarantees consistent quality in the preparation. Material flows that are not recycled directly by PreZero are forwarded to other companies for preparation.


An overview of our services in the area of waste management:

Business and industry

We offer you innovative disposal services. As a longstanding partner for commercial customers in various industries, we bring customized all-in-one waste management solutions. You will benefit from our depth of experience in waste management for stores in large retail chains like Lidl and Kaufland.

Private households

The PreZero container service for private customers in Germany offers you different containers for the disposal of all types of waste. No matter which type, we handle the logistics and the proper disposal for you.


As a municipal waste disposal partner, PreZero is a reliable and highly efficient partner for communities, cities, and districts. We offer all waste disposal services from a single source. In addition to collecting recyclable materials, we also offer additional partnership opportunities and services.