We consider ourselves a modern waste management and recycling company that creates added value – for customers, our employees, and for the environment and society. In today’s world, it is more important than ever that we use the increasingly scarce resources more sustainably. We rise to this challenge every day anew, since we see ourselves as part of society, and as experts assume responsibility for this important concern of our society: avoiding waste and valuing recyclables.

Our definition of sustainability is characterized by three main features:


We are committed to protecting the environment. That’s why we are investing in modern technologies, working on innovations, and striving to think outside the box.


We are dedicated to streamlining processes, advancing the conservation of resources, and sustainably optimizing structures. We are continuously optimizing our processes because we know that we need to harmonize ecology and economics.

Willingness to change

We are open to ideas and willing to make courageous decisions that have the potential to achieve an improved environment and better society. We are ready for the change. Finding solutions for today’s challenges will help us create the foundation for life for future generations and assume social responsibility.

In today’s world, it is more important than ever that we use the increasingly scarce resources more sustainably.

Sustainably active together

We are active together with employees, society, politicians, and associations in order to get closer to achieving our goal of avoiding waste and valuing recyclables. Initiatives and projects strengthen awareness for environmental protection, which we address together with our stakeholders. We work together to leave successive generations with an intact, diverse, and healthy environment.

PreZero supports projects to avoid plastic waste in the oceans

We have been working with the WWF since 2015 (as Tönsmeier at that time) and have supported projects to protect the ocean with almost 1 million Euro. Now the partnership has been expanded on international level and extended an additional five years until 2025.

As part of our sponsorship, we are funding not only the WWF projects “Ghost Nets” in the Baltic Sea and a model project to avoid plastic garbage on the island of Phu Quoc (Vietnam) but also the initiation of an additional model project to fight the causes of plastic waste on the island of Koh Libong in Thailand.

In the process, we are providing the WWF with more than financial means. We are also contributing our expertise to the partnership, such as how to reduce the use of plastics, how to develop a circular economy, and how to handle recycling and waste management. While doing so, we provide the WWF with strategic and technical support in order to fulfill our responsibilities on a local, regional, national, and international level. Furthermore, we support the WWF on a political level as well in important campaigns and policy requirements, for instance for a global and legally binding agreement in order to stop the flood of plastics into the oceans.

Promoting sustainable fan culture – partnership with TSG Hoffenheim

PreZero provides extensive support to the German Bundesliga soccer team TSG Hoffenheim in the area of resource-saving waste management. As a prominently visible sign of this partnership, the TSG soccer stadium was renamed the PreZero Arena. But the collaboration goes far beyond stadium sponsorship: Together, we have set the goal of making the PreZero Arena into a symbol for sustainability and raising awareness for resource-saving stadium operation and attendance as well as a sustainable fan culture. For this purpose, PreZero supports and advises the soccer club in all environmentally relevant topics – such as the analysis and optimization of material flows, waste separation and prevention concepts, developing and introducing a reusable cup system, or the manufacture of autograph cards made of grass paper and additional PreZero advertising items made of grass clippings, such as mobile phone cases.

Together for a cleaner arena – Allianz Arena

PreZero is the official waste removal and recycling partner of the Allianz Arena in Munich, and handles all waste disposal activities for the stadium. The stadium is also working together with PreZero on a sustainable future for the Allianz Arena. An analysis of the waste flows conducted by the experts from PreZero provides the cornerstone. On this basis, sustainable solutions are created, ranging from the introduction of traditional garbage separation systems to unconventional approaches to recycling. In doing so, PreZero contributes the extensive experience and expertise in the area of stadium concepts that it has already accumulated in the successful partnership with TSG Hoffenheim.

REset Plastic – the plastic strategy of the Schwarz Group

The Schwarz Group, with its retail business units Lidl and Kaufland, is one of the largest international retailers and is not only aware of its responsibility for the environment but actively stepping up to the challenge. It started an extensive strategy called REset Plastic which includes all business units and locations worldwide. A central part in this strategy is GreenCycle, the Group’s waste disposal and recycling service provider, as well as its sales brand PreZero.

As the Schwarz Group, we cover the entire recycling loop: From production to retail to waste removal and recycling. This enables us to implement effective initiatives like no other European retail company.

REset Plastic is structured into five action areas: REduce, REdesign, REcylce, REmove, and REsearch. In so doing, the vision of “Less plastic – closed loops” will become reality.

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Responsible corporate governance is a matter of course for us 

For this reason, as part of the Schwarz Group, we have joined the UN Global Compact and are thereby committed to the principles of responsible, sustainable corporate governance.

The UN Global Compact is one of the world’s largest and most important initiatives for responsible corporate governance. Together with thousands of allies in companies and organizations from more than 160 countries, we are taking a stand for the people in our global supply chains and our employees, and protecting the environment and natural resources.

Our focus is on people, whether customers, employees, or business partners. We are therefore committed to ensuring that human rights are respected in all areas of our business activities around the world. The policy statement for the entire Schwarz Group underscores our responsibility as a globally active corporate group. Ensuring human rights is a matter of course for us.

Our policy statement can be viewed here

Working to actively reduce the impact of climate change

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time. We are aware of this social responsibility and use science-based targets to set ourselves scientifically sound climate goals. The Schwarz Group has signed the Commitment Letter in the Science Based Targets Initiative on behalf of all of its corporate units.

We thereby commit ourselves to defining the goals and measures with which we can prevent, reduce, or compensate for CO2 emissions in our value chains. We want to make a measurable contribution to meeting the goal proclaimed in the Paris Climate Agreement of keeping global warming to significantly less than 2°C.

Talking plainly. Acting sustainably.

For the first time, the sustainability report (fiscal year 2018/2019) provides an overview of the strategic basis and management approach to sustainability in the Schwarz Group. With this report, we are providing information on how we organize and implement our financial, ecological, and social responsibility within our day-to-day activities.