Zero waste, 100 percent reusable material

Our vision is a world in which resources are no longer wasted thanks to closed loops.

PreZero’s Dual business unit is our contribution to a future-oriented circular economy, which we actively want to help shape.

PreZero Dual

Sustainable business

We are convinced that recyclability and closed-loop recycling are important pillars of a sustainable economy in which the Earth’s natural resources are preserved and appreciated.

All throughout Europe, product manufacturers are held responsible not only for their products but also for their packaging in terms of avoidance, reusability and recycling. With our Dual business unit, we partner with you to fulfill this responsibility.

By using existing waste management structures effectively and taking innovative approaches to their expansion, we aim to actively participate in shaping and advancing the measures required by the EU to further develop the recycling economy.

Recyclability and closed-loop material cycles are important pillars of sustainable business.


Reliable partner

With PreZero Dual, we have successfully established our own dual system on the market and act as a reliable partner to our customers for the licensing of sales packaging.

In future, we also intend to operate our Dual business unit in other countries to promote material recycling.

For more information on our Dual business unit, follow the link to our PreZero Germany website.