PreZero ensures that the separately collected, sorted, and prepared recyclables are used to create new products. In doing so, we support the circular economy, make a sustainable contribution to a cleaner tomorrow, and come closer to our goal of closing loops.

Aluminum and plastics recycling

Fliessband Aluminium Recycling Anlage

Aluminum recycling
in Germany

With PreZero Pyral, we create innovative Pyrolysis techniques for environmentally-friendly aluminum processing. PreZero Pyral is synonymous with resource-saving industrial policy in conjunction with green environmental policy.

Kunststoff Sortierung Recycling Fliessband Nahaufnahme Stufe

Plastics recycling
in Europe

Our new Recycling business unit creates alternatives to plastics in Europe. Our recycled materials are high-quality source materials for new applications in industrial production: from furniture making and gardening, to household devices, the building trade, as well as home and office furniture, and the automotive industry.

PreZero Truck Kampagnenaufdruck Wertstoffanlage Strasse

Bundled know-how

PreZero is the European leader in the recycling of post-consumer plastics. In the USA, too, we are already recycling plastics ourselves. Organic waste is also processed in our in-house composting and fermentation plants into high-quality biogas and compost. For all other material flows, we are currently working with a long-established network of partners from metal and glass works, and paper factories. These companies guarantee us good quality in order to transfer the raw materials back into our closed loops.

PreZero also advises its customers on the topic of recyclables management, which helps to introduce companies’ waste back in the loop. PreZero has accumulated the expertise for this service within its own corporate group. Since 2009, for instance, we have ensured that the paper and plastic waste from Lidl stores is reprocessed into copy paper and foil bags, which the stores then reuse as consumable supplies.