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PreZero International: Your partner of choice for a circular economy

At PreZero, we are always striving to improve sustainability with innovative ideas. With consulting solutions and our operational services covering almost all areas of the circular economy cycle, we can support you in implementing your sustainability goals and help your business maximize its ecological and economic potential.

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More than a target: Zero waste is a philosophy.

And not a new one either – nature has always operated on a Zero Waste policy. All wildlife eventually returns to the earth where it sustains and strengthens the next cycle. Now more than ever, we face a need to conserve our scarce resources and minimize unnecessary wastage. To live in harmony with our environment, all we need to do is learn from it.

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Waste as a resource: Secondary Raw Materials and their reuse

Here at PreZero, we want to ensure that recycled materials are readily available as an alternative to existing virgin material flows. Secondary raw materials are produced from post-consumer and -industrial waste rather than new materials extracted from the earth. They are then processed to be used alongside virgin materials or to replace them entirely.