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Waste as a resource: secondary raw materials and their reuse

Building a dependable secondary raw materials market is one of the foundations of a circular economy.

Here at PreZero, we want to ensure that recycled materials are readily available as an alternative to existing virgin material flows.

Secondary raw materials are produced from post-consumer and -industrial waste rather than new materials extracted from the earth. They are then processed to be used alongside virgin materials or to replace them entirely.

The use of these repurposed materials has several advantages, including increasing supply availability, reducing wastage, and greater sustainability, with production processes that are considerably better for the environment.

In recognition of their benefits — as well as consumer demand for businesses and lawmakers to do more to promote sustainability — new regulations regarding recycled material use and PCR material rates are quickly transitioning the industry toward a more circular economy founded on recycled materials.

Our customers are securing their future supply chain by introducing secondary raw materials into their production loop today.

Partner with PreZero: The circular economy experts

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We guide customers on recyclability, transparent material flows and Zero Waste planning. We can also consult on sustainable packaging design and advise on legal compliance for new recycled products.

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Waste operations

We leverage our extensive waste management and recycling infrastructure to ensure a readily available supply of waste materials.


Supply streams

We provide tailored recyclates to our customers precise specifications and with rapid market readiness to seamlessly fit into existing material flows.

Our customers benefit from


Sustainable supply chains

founded on secondary materials.


Future-proof processes

in line with new regulations.


A cost-effective way

to reduce carbon footprints and optimize CSR initiatives.


An environmentally friendly

approach that resonates with the consumers of today.

PreZero: Your reliable partner in secondary raw materials

PreZero gives waste a new life. In doing so, we protect our environment and pursue the goal of a well-functioning recycling infrastructure:

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Our aluminum recycling plant operated by PreZero Pyral manages  over 60% of the lightweight aluminum packaging generated in Germany with a secondary raw material yield rate of at least 90%.

Proprietary processes such as our innovative pyrolysis technology and laser sorting system allow us to process most metal-containing waste (apart from dangerous materials) without the use of incineration.

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PreZero Polymers is responsible for introducing 95,000 metric tons of post-consumer and industrial plastic back into the loop each year.

Once waste has been collected and processed, custom-fit recyclates are designed to meet each customer‘s precise requirements. Examples of PreZero recyclables can be seen across a range of industries such as automotive, construction, and household appliances.



Glass is an ideal material for the secondary raw material market. Much like aluminum, glass can be reused as a recycled material any number of times without a degradation of quality.

Glass recycling is dependent on the effective sorting of glass types at the consumer end. Modern sorting methods at PreZero ensure all glass is properly separated during collection. Optoelectronic machines then remove any further contaminants.

PreZero and the Circular Economy

PreZero is active across the entire production loop from product design to waste management and supply chain consulting:

Ökologische Verpackungsmaterialien & Technologien

Packaging Design

Our packaging consulting service allows you to assess your current solutions and make informed decisions on the future of your product design based on sustainability, long-term feasibility, and marketing potential.

Through a tailored roadmap, we then work with you to decrease the use of raw materials and build toward future sustainability.


Waste Management

Effective waste collection, sorting, and recycling are at the core of what we do here at PreZero. Our holistic approach to waste management ensures a steady flow of materials to our treatment facilities.

It all starts with an optimized container and collection system. We assess all onsite needs on a case-by-case basis to ensure the right recycling and waste containers are exactly where they need to be, with a collection schedule that works for the waste produced. By properly separating waste at the source, we significantly reduce the cost of later sorting and maximize the amount that can be recycled. With a transparent view of the entire material flow, you can see clearly how your product progresses from the shelf to the secondary raw material market and back to the consumer.

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PreZero Consulting

Whether you want to reinvent the whole loop or focus on a particular process, PreZero is your partner every step of the way.

From product design to waste management processes and secondary material procurement, our circular economy experts are here to let you make informed decisions about the future of your company and our planet.

The different types of secondary raw materials at PreZero

PreZero has the infrastructure to process almost any type of recyclable material   and prepare it for the broadest range of applications.

Examples of secondary raw materials we handle:

EU Packaging Regulation: The use of secondary raw materials

PreZero helps future-orientated companies prepare for the regulations of tomorrow and stay ahead of the competition.

As part of the EU’s commitment to developing a low-carbon, circular economy, it is expected that all packaging will need to be recyclable  and include secondary materials by 2030. Further expected developments include a full ban on certain packaging and a commitment to single-use plastic alternatives.

This means that any company that does not embrace secondary and recyclable materials in packaging might soon find themselves playing catch up.

PreZero is already positioned to meet — and often exceed — new and existing EU sustainability requirements.

Our recycling infrastructure is designed to introduce a reliable source of secondary raw materials into the production loop as efficiently as possible. As we are actively involved across the full loop, we can also support manufacturers in the design and sourcing of new and innovative single-use plastic alternatives.

PreZero case studies

PreZero helps brands tap into the secondary resource market and secure a more sustainable long-term supply chain:

lidl kaufland prezero partnerschaft kunststoff recycling polymers produkte haushalt ablauf

Lidl and Kaufland: Use of secondary raw materials in recycled products

At The Schwarz Group , the concept of the circular economy is at the heart of everything they do. With help from PreZero, Lidl and Kaufland are placing recycled materials in the hands of consumers all around the world.

Products are designed from the outset for maximum recyclability so that our treatment plants can breathe new life into any waste.
All recyclables are transformed into premium-quality and custom-fit secondary raw materials to be used in future cardboard packaging, plastic homeware, garden furniture, and even aluminum kitchenware.  
Thanks to their in-store recycling efforts, Lidl CZ was awarded the world’s first Gold Zero Waste certification in 2022 .


Samsonite: "Recycle Your Suitcase”

Samsonite took another step on its journey to become the most sustainable luggage company in the world when it partnered with PreZero for its “Recycle Your Suitcase” initiative.

It was a natural match for PreZero and Samsonite, with both companies envisioning a brighter future based on circular economy principles.

Consumers were invited to hand over their old luggage in exchange for a discount on a brand-new suitcase. All individual components were then separated and sorted by PreZero for processing into new recycled materials.

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Compo: Plastic Packaging Product of the Year

Garden fertilizer group COMPO has consistently set the benchmark for sustainable product design with their commitment to the use of secondary materials in packaging.

Together with PreZero Polymers, COMPO achieved the final breakthrough in 2023 when they officially hit the benchmark of 100% post-consumer recyclates in their liquid fertilizer bottle design.

Both companies were jointly awarded the ‘Plastic Packaging Product Award 2023 ‘ in recognition of their exemplary commitment to eliminating avoidable waste.


Zero Waste Consulting

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With our secondary raw material expertise in your corner, the future looks bright.

Whether you want to increase the sustainability of your product range, ensure the stability of your supply chain, or prepare for upcoming regulations, we are here to help.