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Circular Waste Management at PreZero

Responsible waste organization for a better tomorrow

Why is proper waste management so important?

Proper waste management requires not just seeing waste but understanding what it can become. As the availability of virgin raw material declines and industries begin seeking alternatives, it will become crucial to look at the circular life of waste and understand how organized waste management practices can positively impact not only industries and municipalities, but sustainability efforts in general. The goal: an empowered circular economy and a cleaner tomorrow.

Taking a holistic approach to waste management means not only addressing the collection, sorting, and treatment of waste, but considering how products are made and packaged, and how industrial and municipal waste is managed.

This holistic approach has several benefits:


Reduces the environmental impact of waste


Enables better resource conservation


Reduces costs


Fulfills regulatory requirements


Addresses stakeholder interests

At PreZero, we tackle waste management from all angles, seeing the value in discarded materials, and using our know-how and resources to reinvest it back into the material loop again and again.

Industries and municipalities can support this effort by improving waste separation practices and considering the reusability and recyclability of the products and packaging that are thrown away. Ultimately, this helps ensure sufficient resource supply (feedstock) for future recycling and supports the development of a circular economy.

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For businesses and organizations

For  businesses and organizations , by implementing proper waste management, you can be sure that you are compliant with current legal and regulatory environmental policies, while building the oversight and control necessary to weather any future changes with ease. In addition, more efficient waste handling systems reduce overall disposal costs and add value to the next production cycle, freeing up cashflow to invest in other important aspects of your business. All while delighting your customers by offering them a sustainable business model that aligns with current consumer expectations.

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For cities and municipalities

For cities and municipalities, effective waste management means more waste finds its way to the right facilities, allowing local authorities to meet their recycling-rate targets and build toward Zero Waste. Reducing waste mismanagement also improves quality of life for citizens by keeping local water, soil, and food sources clean and safe. Overall, local authorities play a vital role in maximizing the value of municipal waste, preserving local ecosystems, and building toward a more circular economy. Invest in the future of your city — Invest in waste management.

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PreZero: Your reliable partner in waste management

PreZero offers waste management solutions designed to meet the needs of businesses and municipalities alike. With over 30 years of experience, we have a track record of industryleading efficiency, compliance, and sustainability and are among the market leaders in waste treatment and handling.

We are committed to helping businesses and municipalities achieve their sustainability goals and develop smart material loops for good. One way we do this is with tailored consulting services to help customers optimize their waste organization practices.

Our infrastructure includes an ever-growing fleet of collection vehicles and 30 modern feedstock sorting facilities, which allows us to collect and sort a diverse range of waste materials and maximize resource recovery through recycling and responsible disposal. For more information on how we can support your municipal, industrial, and commercial waste management needs, see our services 

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Municipal waste

Municipal waste comprises the everyday materials that the average household regularly disposes of. The most common types of recyclable waste generated at the municipal level are paper, organic waste, and plastics, though other materials such as metal, glass, and textiles are also discarded in significant quantities. As waste generation is correlated to increasing income levels, the growth rate of municipal waste is expected to outpace population growth over the next 30 years. That represents a significant societal, economic, and ecological challenge – one that requires the highest standard of waste disposal management and recycling.

Just some of PreZero’s environmental services for cleaner cities include: 

  • collection of waste at or near residential sites
  • operation of indent/weighing systems and contaminant detectors 
  • recycling and marketing of feedstock
  • operation of recycling centers
  • take-back system (e.g., for electronic waste)
  • storage of files and destruction of files and data 
    mobile collection of hazardous substances
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Commercial and industrial waste 

Commercial and industrial waste refers simply to the by-products of typical manufacturing processes. This includes both hazardous waste like chemicals and e-waste and non-hazardous materials like metal, organics, and plastics. At PreZero, we understand that well-sorted industrial waste is an asset. Effective waste disposal and management allows companies to comply with local regulations, establish more secure and profitable supply chains, and optimize material flows. 

PreZero is more than your average waste disposal company. In addition to collecting and sorting a diverse range of waste types for treatment and recycling, we also partner with companies to optimize their internal waste streams. What could an optimized commercial and industrial waste management plan mean for your business?

Types of waste

With custom waste management solutions for almost all material streams and an extensive network of local service providers, PreZero is one of the largest waste management companies in Europe.

We also offer tailored methods of waste disposal for other waste streams, such as hazardous waste and construction and demolition waste. Our aim is to reduce waste across the entirety of the waste management hierarchy and extract maximum value from all collected materials. Where waste cannot be fed back into the secondary raw material market – such as household residual waste or medical waste – it is used for waste-to-energy production to power communities and our ongoing recycling efforts.

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Mixed commercial waste

To guarantee the optimal utilization of mixed commercial waste – such as from packaging, plastic, rubber, metals, wood, and textiles – an elaborate separation process must take place on site. PreZero helps customers optimize their waste and recycling strategy to suit their unique and individual requirements.


Plastic & film

PreZero is a leader in the plastics recycling industry – for everything from vinyl records and plastic shavings to barrels and molded parts — as well as in the manufacturing of high-quality polymer recyclates. 


Paper & cardboard

Using a digitalized and highly efficient network, PreZero disposes of every type of paper waste efficiently and sustainably – from newspapers and magazines to school materials and egg cartons. As highly recyclable materials, paper products can be brought back into the reusable material loop again and again.

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Files & data

Documents, memory media, videos, and other forms of data can be extremely valuable, but in the wrong hands they can also be destructive. PreZero offers the safe and secure disposal of data in any format with a collection schedule that fits your needs and a certificate that guarantees the job was done right.


Scrap & metals

Scrap metal waste – such as from fittings, radiators, bicycles, and pipes – represents a huge opportunity for natural resource conservation. As a specialist in the collection, preparation, turnaround, and trade of all steel scrap and metal fractions, PreZero contributes to the circular economy with every ton of scrap metal recycled.

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Construction waste

Handling waste from construction and demolition sites can be complicated, as it can be time consuming and confusing. For instance, rubble waste on its own is relatively straightforward to handle, but if that gets combined with materials containing tar, such as from roof sheeting, it becomes classified as hazardous waste. PreZero’s construction experts will work with you to find a suitable disposal solution for your construction waste, always adhering to legal requirements and regulations. 


Mixed construction waste & waste for recovery

Mixed construction waste is that which can no longer be used as a material and cannot be recycled in the typical sense. PreZero knows that this material is a valuable resource, which is why we use it to generate alternative energy using a multi-level preparation process. By separating and restoring recyclable materials as secondary raw materials, PreZero can put mixed construction waste back into the material cycle. 

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Wood waste – such as from pallets, wooden boxes, construction timbers, and untreated floorboards – can be placed back into the economic cycle in two ways: energy and material utilization. Waste wood can be recycled and repurposed in the timber industry for manufacturing chipboard or even as compressed wood pallets. Alternatively, heat and/or electricity can be generated by burning waste wood in biomass heat plants or biomass power plants. PreZero also offers recording and delivery, reconditioning, provisioning, and logistics for wood waste management.

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Food waste

Food waste – such as that from restaurants, grocery stores, and residences – is classified as organic waste and is disposed of at the municipal level. PreZero has specialized processes for handling organic waste, from collection and separation from packaging, to processing in biogas plants to be further processed into gas for electricity and heating.

Fette und Öle

Cooking fat / fat separators

Used fat comes from things like frying, baking, cooking oils and contents from fat separators. PreZero can clean and process used oils and edible fats for use in cosmetics, fuels, lubricants, or cleaning agents. Alternatively, fats and oils can also be used in biogas plants to generate electricity and thermal energy. PreZero works with you to dispose of even the largest amounts of fats and works to sustainably put them back into the loop.

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Glass – such as from bottles, bulbs, and drinking glasses – can be recycled endlessly and should therefore be separated and sorted diligently. To recycle white glass, just three of every one thousand bottles can be a different color. This is why pre-separating glass into colored bins is vital. From there, PreZero does the rest, starting with technical processes for precise sorting all the way to producing highly valuable secondary raw materials. 

Soab Fässer

Hazardous waste

PreZero is an expert in dealing with hazardous waste for everything from liquid and paste-like waste to dangerous goods. From a robust container system and optimized logistics to compliance and legal documentation, we are your partner in handling harmful substances with the utmost care and confidence. 

PreZero: Experts in waste management

PreZero has set out to be more than a garbage disposal company – we are experts in advanced recycling and your partner in putting waste where it belongs: back into the material loop.

As an environmental service provider focused on the future, we are working to reduce the impact of waste by creating value along the entire chain. By meeting the varied waste management needs of industries and municipalities, preserving recyclable materials wherever possible, staying ahead with strategic innovations, and adhering to compliance and legal requirements at every step, PreZero is helping build a cleaner tomorrow with the waste of today