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Assess the recyclability of your packaging, carry out life cycle assessments and calculate packaging costs so that you can make your packaging future-proof. 

Packaging requirements are changing. The regulatory requirements are becoming more stringent and more complex, and they are also associated with increasing levies for certain packaging materials and certain types of packaging. The retail industry is constantly evolving in terms of sustainability and is demanding the same from suppliers. Protecting the climate and transparency are also increasingly important issues for consumers.  

The IT solution PreZero SPOT utilizes the scientific expertise of Packaging Cockpit. This cooperation allows you to appraise your product portfolio according to packaging criteria and to ensure that you are prepared for the future. Discover a digital solution that helps you achieve your sustainable packaging goals, decrease packaging costs and reduce packaging waste.  

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Recyclability in Europe 

Get an overview of the various regulations and infrastructures in almost all EU countries. 

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Life cycle assessment 

Calculate the carbon footprint of your packaging and more. 

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Taxes and fees  

Analyze costs for plastic taxes and licensing fees. 

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Use the core functions in our free version. 

Increasing recyclability: How PreZero SPOT works 

PreZero SPOT combines intelligent digital analyses with operational packaging expertise for advanced eco design. The data entry process in the sustainable packaging tool is based on the item being packaged and not the packaging itself. This means that you can not only learn what packaging can be improved but also see how your individual products and sections of your assortment are currently performing.  

You can also simulate potential changes to your eco design whenever you want, which means that you can gradually update your product portfolio.  

In the next step, you will discover some of the features that you can use to further develop​ ​the eco design of your packaging and ensure that you meet the relevant environmental, political, retail and consumer requirements.  


Intelligent ​​​​packaging input

PreZero SPOT is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, which means that you can always focus on your goals and workflows. You do not have to enter each individual component for each packaging. Instead, you can smartly assemble your packaging units modularly, using several pre-configured components. This saves time, prevents errors and reduces packaging costs.​ ​ 

Cross-border analysis

In just a few clicks, you can see an overview of the European countries in which your packaging is currently recyclable. Further details are only one mouse click away. For example, you can analyze the carbon footprint of your packaging and check which taxes and fees have to be paid in individual countries. 
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Comprehensive reports

Instead of simply looking at individual packaging, you can see an overview of your entire portfolio. The extensive data analysis and reporting options help you to more efficiently assess and optimize the packaging in your product portfolio. 

Efficient data management

Imports, exports, tags, filters and user profiles: PreZero SPOT makes it much easier to manage your packaging data and cooperate with other actors along the value chain.  

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Why your company should be looking to Sustainable Packaging 

It pays to take the initiative now because legislation is going to get tougher in the coming years. This means that more and more companies are facing the challenge of using more recyclable packaging material. 

​​For example, if the new EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) is passed, then all packaging placed on the EU market must be recyclable by 2030. However, even before this, companies in Germany that do not meet these requirements may face higher costs due to further developments in the relevant national laws. Consumers are also becoming more demanding and more conscious of the choices they make. They are more concerned about sustainable, recyclable packaging and about the environmental impact of non-recyclable materials. This is a concern that the retail industry is taking seriously, with retailers looking to manufacturers to make the necessary changes to make their portfolios more eco-friendly.​     ​​ 

​​With PreZero SPOT in cooperation with Packaging Cockpit and its analysis and evaluation features, you can assess the recyclability of your packaging, carry out life cycle assessments and check packaging costs at any time. With this information, you can plan for tomorrow, today.  You can avoid additional payments, such as plastic taxes, and reduce the cost of licensing fees and levies.​​​ 

The IT solution from PreZero and Packaging Cockpit is based on the standards set out in the Circular Packaging Design Guidelines published by FH Campus Wie​​​​n and the Packaging Design for Recycling Guide developed by the ​​World Packaging Organization (WPO) and ECR. Thanks to its consideration of country-​s​pecific waste disposal structures and features, on the one hand, the standard complies with the ​​German minimum standard for the recyclability of packaging set out by the Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (Central Agency Packaging Register – ZSVR). On the other hand, it also makes it possible​​ to identify differences from one country to another. For example, is your packaging recyclable in Germany but not in France, Spain or Italy? PreZero SPOT provides you with a simple overview. The correct calculation of life cycle assessments is based on data from EcoInvent and was verified by Fraunhofer UMSICHT. 

After the analysis: PreZero can help you to optimize the eco design of your packaging 

PreZero SPOT in cooperation with Packaging Cockpit

FunctionsFree Premium UserFreeAvailable for an additional charge
RecyclabilityEU+SwitzerlandEU + SwitzerlandNon-EU countries
Taxes and LeviesEU+SwitzerlandEU + Switzerland 
Life Cycle Assessment​​ Carbon Footprint ​​​Other impact categories​​ 
EvaluationPortfolio analysis and quantity calculationPortfolio analysis and quantity calculation 
User per company14​​​Extra users
Data sets5.0005.000​​​Additional data sets
Data TransferWithin the system, imports, exportsWithin the system, imports, exports ​​​Connection of third-party systems 
Certificates  Recyclability

The digital solution for your packaging – request your free access now!   

With PreZero SPOT, you can set the course for optimized eco design and environmentally friendly packaging solutions. The online tool is clear, intuitive and makes analyzing your product portfolio a breeze. With PreZero and Packaging Cockpit by your side, you can be confident that you are taking the right action at the right time – with packaging solutions that meet regulatory requirements, customer expectations and the need for ​​​​sustainability.