PreZero SPOT: The Online-Tool for Sustainable Packaging

Assess the recyclability of your packaging and make it more sustainable.

The sustainability tool for recyclable packaging

Why did we develop PreZero SPOT for you? Because packaging should have as little impact on the environment as possible. Because regulatory requirements are becoming more stringent and more complex, and additional levies are costly. Because the retail industry is constantly evolving in the area of sustainability and is demanding the same from their suppliers. And because consumers want more environmental protection and transparency. 

With our browser-based tool PreZero SPOT, you can assess your product portfolio against relevant standards and ensure that you are legally compliant and ready for the future. Discover digital solutions that give you all the support you need. 

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Portfolio analysis

Designed to analyze entire assortments rather than individual packaging

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Comparison options

Compare packaging, changes over time and different standards (German minimum standard, Ellen MacArthur Foundation)

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Intuitive interface, guided questions, and extensive, interactive training material

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Complete control

Easy-to-use dashboard, widgets and robust reporting, including sub-segment reports.

How PreZero SPOT works

PreZero SPOT is a browser-based online tool that combines intelligent digital analysis with operational packaging expertise. When collecting data, the tool uses the item being packaged and not the packaging itself as the basis. This means you can learn not only what packaging can be improved, but also see how individual products and sections of your assortment are currently performing.

The PreZero SPOT IT solution makes what can be a very complex subject                 accessible. It allows you to simulate potential changes whenever you want, so you can gradually update your product portfolio. Thanks to the involvement of Schwarz IT, STACKIT and XM Cyber, you also benefit from the highest standards of data security when using the tool. 

In the next step, you will discover some of the features you can use to develop the eco-design of your packaging further and ensure that you meet environmental, retail, consumer, and political requirements.

Sustainable Packaging SPOT Tool - Dashboard


The dashboard is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, so you can focus on your goals and workflows. You can create overviews and graphics as needed, including the processing status of items.  
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Assortment filter

The PreZero SPOT assortment filter offers a key advantage over other tools: Instead of using the packaging as a starting point, you enter the details of the item - the packaging is then filtered by assortment and status. This helps you  more efficiently evaluate and optimize the packaging in your product portfolio.
Sustainable Packaging SPOT Tool Screen - Vergleich

Results comparison

PreZero SPOT helps you to find optimization opportunities that are truly relevant to your assortment. Clear comparisons of the results of different packaging variants help you to decide on the best course of action. 
Sustainable Packaging SPOT Tool Screen - Simulation


Perform what-if analyses: You can create non-existent items to assess their potential recyclability. The simulations do not affect the actual assortment overviews in your dashboard.
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Why your company should embrace Sustainable Packaging

PreZero SPOT is your investment in a sustainable and compliant packaging portfolio. And it is a critical investment, because as new regulations are introduced and consumer awareness grows, more and more manufacturers will have to meet the challenge of using more recyclable packaging materials. What’s more, preventing packaging waste is a really important step that will benefit you financially while supporting a functioning circular economy.

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It pays to take the initiative now, because legislation is going to get tougher in the coming years. From 2030, companies might be prohibited from bringing non-recyclable packaging into circulation in Europe. But even before that, German companies that do not meet these requirements may be confronted with high costs due to further development of national laws. With PreZero SPOT and its analysis and assessment features, you can avoid additional payments and reduce the cost of licensing fees and levies. 

Consumers are also becoming more demanding and conscious of the choices they make. They are more concerned about sustainable packaging and environmental impact of non-recyclable materials. This is a concern that the retail industry is taking seriously, and retailers are looking to manufacturers to make changes to their portfolios accordingly.

Additional services that complement our online tool

PreZero Sustainable Packaging offers a packaging consulting service to compliment the online tool, if desired. This consulting service considers the entire packaging value chain - from product design and production to the reuse of materials in new products. 

We can also help you to obtain individual verification or certification of the separability of your packaging. If you need confirmation of the sorting capability, we can test it for you “live” on a state-of-the-art PreZero lightweight packaging sorting plant.

As part of the Schwarz Group, we have expertise across the entire value chain, making us a strong choice for manufacturers and distributors looking for a partner in the packaging industry and circular economy. 

The online tool to boost recyclability — act now!

With PreZero SPOT, you can set the course for environmentally sustainable packaging solutions that deliver great value. The online tool is clear, intuitive, and makes analyzing your product portfolio a breeze. With us by your side, you can be confident that you are taking the right action at the right time - with packaging solutions that meet regulatory requirements, customer expectations and the need for sustainability. Our experts are happy to help. 

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