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Recycling helps achieve a cleaner tomorrow

Are you eager to contribute to closing loops as well? Take a closer look at how plastic recycling can support companies from multiple industries achieve their recycling rate goals.

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Well-coordinated waste management

From collection and sorting over waste or water treatment and recycling to innovative new approaches and technologies or urban services. PreZero operates in 11 countries and offers a variety of services just around your corner too.

Business Units

Driving the circular economy – our business units

We at PreZero have dedicated ourselves to the goal of closing loops. We have already taken a large step towards this goal by establishing the disposal and recycling company PreZero within the Schwarz Group and establishing our own dual system.

Packaging can be licensed under the dual system, collected from consumers by our own collection resources, and then separated into the corresponding fractions using our company’s sorting facilities. In the next step we turn plastics into recycled materials that can once again be reused in new products.

The Schwarz Group, which also includes the retail companies Kaufland and Lidl, is one of the contributors to the mountains of packaging waste produced every year due to its size and global presence. The concept of an efficient loop allows the group to become an active provider of solutions who faces up to its expanded producer responsibility. Packaging is transferred into a circular economy, ensuring that waste of resources along the value chain is reduced.



PreZero International

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About us

What makes us unique

All PreZero employees have committed themselves to the same idea: reducing the consumption of natural resources, reducing waste and shaping the future with sustainable and efficient solutions.

Every new concept eases the burden on the environment, every decision can help preserve natural resources. Assuming responsibility for the environment and for the people go hand in hand.

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For us, sustainability is more than just a campaign – it is the core of our business.

We consider ourselves a modern waste management and recycling company that creates added value – for customers, our employees and for the environment and society.

It is now more important than ever that we use increasingly scarce resources more sustainably. Since we see ourselves as part of society, we rise to this challenge every day by assuming responsibility as experts for an important concern of today’s society: avoiding waste and valuing recyclables.

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Achieving success together

We are always searching for innovation drivers and creative thinkers who want to contribute their ideas and take on exciting assignments in the areas of waste and recycling management, energy and environmental innovations, and logistics solutions.