Sustainable Packaging

Making sustainable packaging fit for the future

Optimize your packaging with a partner who understands not ​only​​ ​waste disposal and recycling requirements but also the demands of the retail industry. 

PreZero Sustainable Packaging is your link to the retail industry and your expert in sustainable packaging solutions. As an environmental service provider and part of the Schwarz Group, we offer a wide range of solutions and extensive expertise that cover ​most​​ of the value chain and ​help drive the circular economy. 

Our services at a glance

Zu sehen ist ein aufgeklappter Laptop auf einem Schreibtisch mit der Login-Seite der online-Anwendung SPOT

Digital solution: PreZero SPOT 

PreZero SPOT is a browser-based tool that ​allows​​ you to assess the recyclability of your packaging. With this tool, you can evaluate your entire product portfolio and adapt your packaging to make it more recyclable.

Ökologische Verpackungsmaterialien & Technologien

360° Packaging consulting 

Do you have packaging projects to implement or changes to make? Our consulting service covers all relevant ​aspects​​ so that you have a solid basis for your decisions. Together​ we will make your packaging more sustainable and ​ready for ​tomorrow’s market ​demands​​.

Supermarkt Verpackung Regal Perspektive Unschaerfe

Working together to bring more sustainability ​to​​ ​the shelves

​As a packaging manufacturer and distributor, you have the tough job of meeting the demands of retail​ers​, consumers, and ​regulators. This means ​producing​​     ​ more sustainable packaging that protects the environment and conserves resources. PreZero Sustainable Packaging helps you improve the recyclability of your packaging - with the aid of digital solutions, ​​sustainable packaging concepts, ​advanced technology​ and ​expert​​ advice. We always ​consider both environmental and economic aspects​ equally

We are your ​trusted partner for sustainable packaging​

1. Together​ we create packaging solutions for the future

We use ​advanced​​ digital solutions and the revolutionary expertise of Schwarz IT to create ​customized​​ sustainable packaging. ​This enables you to​​ meet the ​high demands of the retail industry and your customers while ​complying with​​ legal requirements. 

2. We are your l​ink to the retail industry 

We have been working with Lidl and Kaufland for many years, so we understand what retailers want from sustainable packaging now and in the future. As your partner, we will support you by providing secondary raw materials and advice​     ​ ​on how​​ to use them in recyclable packaging. 

3. We support you with the circular economy 

Recyclable packaging is essential ​to a functioning circular economy. PreZero Sustainable Packaging​’s 360° consulting ​enables companies to ​carefully consider​​ ​all key aspects of sustainable packaging -​ including product protection, ​economics​, marketing and sustainability. 

Get more out of your packaging

We combine ​our expertise in ​recyclable packaging with our knowledge of the entire value chain. ​Contact us - and together we can create a sustainable packaging solution for a cleaner tomorrow.  

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