License calculator

Use our license calculator and get your contract for the packaging licensing today

Use our licensing calculator for your packaging

Your path to legally compliant, digital and sustainable packaging licensing with PreZero Dual


  1. Register with the central office as a packaging distributor and obtain a LUCID registration number:
  2. Enter into our license calculator your packaging weights in kilograms that you plan to place on the market in Germany in the selected license year. Attention: You need the LUCID registration number to conclude the contract.
  3. Accept our digital offer and congratulations, you have licensed your packaging subject to system participation with PreZero Dual in a legally compliant and sustainable manner.

More security for your packaging licensing in just a few steps

Der Wertstoffkreislauf der PreZero Dual

Together with you, we design cycles for a clean tomorrow

Turn the "obligation" of packaging licensing into a "freestyle" and use your packaging for ecological differentiation. With the dual system of PreZero Dual, you bring goods to market quickly and in compliance with the law. Our solutions are customer-specific and individually tailored to you.

In addition, we deliver lean processes, price stability in the current license year, and a sustainable product and service portfolio for you. With our focus on sustainability, we work with you on closed-loop concepts to sustainably conserve resources.


You can find our sustainable product and service portfolio here