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Sustainable Packaging

Your packaging - rethought.

The sustainability of a packaging has become one of its most important features.

We support you in optimizing your packaging so that it not only protects the product, but also contributes to a functioning circular economy.

This also includes designing packaging that is convincing from both an economic and an ecological perspective. Our claim is to further develop your packaging on the basis of true and honest sustainability - with proven ecological, future-proof concepts and comprehensibly along the entire supply chain.

In the process, we also keep track on the legal framework conditions to launch your product safe into the market.

Join us on the road to recyclable packaging solutions:


Why PreZero Packaging?

We combine the know-how of our packaging engineers with our expertise along the entire value chain - from disposal and sorting to recycling. In this way, we find the optimal solution for you and together contribute to the development of closed cycles.

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