New twin-screw extruder at PreZero Polymers in Haimburg


Neueste Technik für geschlossene Kunststoff-Kreisläufe

State-of-the-art technology for closed-loop plastics recycling

Dr. Peter Kaiser, governor of Carinthia, inaugurates new twin-screw extruder at PreZero Polymers in Haimburg

Haimburg, Austria, December 14, 2020. On December 11, Carinthian governor Dr. Peter Kaiser and the Deputy District Chief Administrator of Völkermarkt Dr. Adalbert Janesch joined PreZero Polymers in the official unveiling of its new twin-screw extruder. Going forward, the extruder will render it possible to produce particularly high-quality plastic recyclates for the global market. "Every year, 29 million tons of plastic waste is produced in Europe. Recycling that waste in an environmentally friendly manner is one of the most important issues our society faces. The 100 dedicated employees at PreZero Polymers Austria GmbH are doing their part to help realize the EU's Green Deal objectives", said Dr. Peter Kaiser, the governor of Carinthia. PreZero Polymers continues to invest in its future, even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. "For us, installing the EREMA twin-screw extruder represents a key milestone on closing the loop. The system will enable us to produce high-quality plastic recyclates for our customers. In times like these, we are all the more grateful that we can officially inaugurate this equipment together with Carinthia's governor, Dr. Peter Kaiser", said Robert Lackner, Head of Business Operation at PreZero Polymers. The twin-screw extruder, designed by Austrian manufacturer EREMA, has an output capacity of 2,200 kg/h and is capable of mixing up to twelve different materials. The plastic recyclates produced by PreZero Polymers thus offer alternatives to the use of new plastics. The recyclates can be used in garden furniture, cabinetry, household appliances, the construction industry and in automotives. PreZero Polymers is continually growing thanks to investments such as this and the successful collaboration with the state of Carinthia and the Völkermarkt District Administration. This has made it possible to create more than 100 jobs in the Völkermarkt District. Another 20 new jobs will be created going forward.

 With over 25 years' experience at two operational locations in Europe in Haimburg, Austria, and Fonte, Italy, PreZero Polymers is an established player in the field of plastics recycling. Since 2019, the plastics specialist has been a part of the international environmental service provider PreZero and thus a part of the Schwarz Group, which also includes Lidl and Kaufland. 

Caption: Inauguration of the new twin-screw extruder at PreZero Polymers in Haimburg by Carinthia's governor Dr. Peter Kaiser.

Photo: LPD Kärnten/Just.


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