A Slightly Different Christmas Story


Eine etwas andere Weihnachtsgeschichte

From Waste to Recyclables: PreZero Campaign Draws Attention to the Conscious Handling of Waste

Neckarsulm, December 20, 2022. Christmas, a magical time, a time to come together and – the perfect time for splitting up. Something doesn't quite add up? Yes, it does! Environmental service provider PreZero highlights this in the Christmas movie. This year's campaign, "A Slightly Different Christmas Story," is about two people who would love to hold on to each other but can only have a second life apart. For every click on the video, that PreZero is publishing on December 20, the company is donating to various charity causes.


Stories that tell of connectedness, family and being together shape the Christmas season. This is addressed in a humorous fashion by PreZero in its first Christmas movie. In this manner, the company is raising awareness of how important it is to handle waste properly in private households. This is the only way it can continue to be used as a recyclable. "Every year, a large amount of waste is generated particularly during the Christmas season. We therefore want to point out to our customers as well as consumers, tongue-in-cheek, how important it is to dispose of waste properly. Everyone contributes a little bit to whether recyclable waste is reused as recyclables”, explains Thomas Kyriakis, CEO of PreZero.


The protagonists of the PreZero Christmas movie are a typical plastic yogurt cup and its aluminum lid. They spend their lives together: from the shopping cart, to the time in the refrigerator, to consumption – they are inseparable. But what happens then? Are they disposed of together and thus probably end up being incinerated, or do they rather go their separate ways? PreZero tells the story of two friends who lose sight of each other in the course of time – and end up finding each other again. Where exactly they meet again, you will find out in the video: www.prezerosaysthankyou.com.


The environmental service provider's Christmas campaign is also linked to a fund-raising initiative. In this way, PreZero promotes charitable causes in all the countries in which the company operates.


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