PreZero gives Packaging Waste a New Life


PreZero schenkt Verpackungsabfall ein neues Leben

Recycled Post-Consumer Plastic from PreZero is once again the Basic Material for Products within the Schwarz Group


Neckarsulm, April 12, 2022. This week, Lidl is offering household goods made from recycled plastic from PreZero for the third time. In the process, the waste and recycling company, a member of the Schwarz Group, covers a major part of the recycling loop. In addition to storage boxes, laundry baskets or coat hangers, garden products, such as a garden and all-purpose chest, are included in the assortment for the first time.


For the Schwarz Group's recycling products, PreZero not only collects and sorts plastic waste from private households, it also subsequently recycles the waste to create new raw materials at its own recycling facilities in Europe. This involves the materials being initially washed and chopped. Then comes the most important step in the recycling process: The high-performance extruder, the core component of the plant, melts and compresses the material into high-quality recycled pellets in a wide variety of colors and with specific properties.


Almost all recycled pellets are developed individually by PreZero according to customer specifications – for example, with regard to hardness, elasticity, breaking strength, temperature and chemical resistance. This makes them a real, sustainable alternative to newly produced “virgin material”, and it significantly improves the eco balance of the resulting finished products. The same applies to the household products for the Schwarz Group, which are made from 100%* recycled plastic. The entire recycling and manufacturing process also takes place in Europe, saving additional resources and preserving the environment.


“We are very much looking forward to successively expanding the applications for our recycled material within the Schwarz Group. And that is just the beginning: In the future we want to further develop our range of articles made from recyclate in conjunction with our affiliated companies, Lidl and Kaufland, and also our other customers, as well as improving the recyclability of products and packaging from plastic“, says Clemens Stockreiter, CEO of PreZero Polymers, talking about the new products in retail.


As an established player in plastics recycling with some 30 years of experience, PreZero Polymers plays a unique role in promoting circularity for plastics within the Schwarz Group. With a production capacity of around 95,000 tons/year in Europe and around 200 employees, PreZero Polymers is committed to giving new life to the world's plastic waste.


*Plastic content (approx. 95 percent) of the product is 100 percent recycled plastic, with the additional use of additives and color (approx. 5 percent). More information on plastics recycling at PreZero can be found here. You can watch a film on the recycling process at PreZero Polymers here.


More information about PreZero can be found at our press portal.


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