PreZero Launches Online Tool for Evaluating Packaging


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Easily check the recyclability of packaging with the browser-based tool from PreZero


Neckarsulm, November 16, 2023. PreZero launches its online tool PreZero SPOT. SPOT stands for Sustainable Packaging Optimization Tool. The online tool enables packaging manufacturers and distributors to evaluate their own product portfolios. The goal of the online solution and additional consulting services is to promote sustainable packaging design while also conserving resources and reducing packaging waste to meet consumer demands and policy directives.


Actively Improve Packaging Today


If the new EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) is passed, only recyclable packaging will be allowed on the market from 2030. The PreZero software tool and accompanying consulting services enables packaging manufacturers and distributors to ensure compliance with future requirements today. The benefit of the PreZero approach lies in the synergy of the company's operational packaging expertise in manufacturing, retailing and recycling – plus smart digital analysis. Taken together, this ensures the creation of sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions. And it also sends a clear message to end consumers: We care about preserving resources and the environment.


PreZero SPOT: Sustainability Tool for More Recyclable Packaging


PreZero SPOT helps packaging manufacturers and distributors to easily navigate the legal jungle of recyclability standards. The tool evaluates the recyclability of packaging based on its material and relevant components (e.g., packaging materials, inks, adhesives, labels). The browser-based analysis tool also identifies opportunities for improvement in line with legislative intent. What's more, it can be used to simulate the impact of potential changes to the packaging components. Product portfolios can be refined over time, and reports on the entire portfolio or individual assortments can be generated at the click of a button.


SPOT is easy to use and operate. Users are guided through the evaluation process with targeted questions. These and other components, such as intuitive user guidance and easy-to-follow training documents, make it easy to use the tool and analyze products, even without expert knowledge.


Thanks to the involvement of Schwarz IT, STACKIT, and XM Cyber, the tool offers the highest standards of data security. Besides the online tool, PreZero also provides consulting services to help companies develop and produce recyclable packaging. After all, the circular economy is still a new and highly complex topic for many sectors and industries.



Policymakers and Consumers are Demanding Greater Sustainability


More and more manufacturers are facing the challenge of designing more sustainable packaging. One of the reasons for this are the statutory requirements, which will become much more stringent in the coming years. If the new PPWR comes into force, from 2030 it will be prohibited to place packaging on the market whose recyclability is below a certain percentage. But even before then, manufacturers may be faced with higher costs for this packaging: The further development of paragraph 21 of the Packaging Act and the anchoring of a future fund model for license fees in the coalition agreement may result in noticeable additional costs in Germany. With the online tool and its analysis and evaluation functions, companies can avoid unwanted penalties and reduce the costs for license fees and charges.


Consumers are also becoming more demanding and aware of the choices they make. They care more about sustainable packaging and are concerned about negative environmental impact of plastic packaging. Alexander Root, Managing Director Sustainable Packaging at PreZero International, summarizes the benefits of the web-based analysis as follows: "The tool allows companies to determine the recyclability of their packaging and supports their sustainable future development. This not only ensures compliance with political requirements, but also makes a positive contribution to a functioning circular economy." Upon request, PreZero complements the online tool offer with an additional consulting service. This service considers the entire packaging value chain – from product design, production, and use to reuse of the materials in new products. "As part of the Schwarz Group, the experts at PreZero understand the requirements of manufacturers, retailers, and waste management companies. This makes us a strong advisor and partner for manufacturers and distributors in both the circular economy and the packaging industry," says Root.


Satisfy Legal Requirements and Consumer Demands


For manufacturers and retailers alike, the PreZero SPOT evaluation tool is an investment in a packaging portfolio that not only meets legal requirements, but also satisfies customer demands for sustainable consumption. Companies can use the results of the analyses and the input from the consulting provided by PreZero to start on the path to sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging solutions today. Interested companies and experts can find more information here.


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Image caption: With PreZero SPOT, for example, users can see the percentage of highly recyclable packaging in their overall portfolio or the processing status of their items in the system.


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