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PreZero and Packaging Cockpit form strong cooperation for the packaging turnaround


Neckarsulm, Germany, April 18, 2024. Analyze recyclability, life cycle assessment and packaging costs: The web-based solution PreZero SPOT in cooperation with the software provider Packaging Cockpit enables packaging manufacturers and distributors to make their packaging portfolio more recyclable. When assessing the recyclability of packaging, the Sustainable Packaging Optimization Tool (SPOT) considers not only the material and packaging design, but also the waste management structures of all EU countries. The tool lists the respective CO2 footprint and relevant costs such as plastic taxes, licensing fees and littering funds on a country-specific basis, thus enabling a comparison on a European level.


PreZero is expanding its existing range of services to promote the sustainability of packaging. By providing SPOT free of charge, PreZero enables market participants to compare different packaging options in detail to determine the best course of action. This allows each user to comprehensively optimize their own portfolio. In addition, efficient data management capabilities allow users to manage their own packaging portfolio. This facilitates collaboration and communication between different interfaces in the packaging value chain. Intuitive input fields and simplified data imports make packaging portfolio analysis quick and easy. As a result, packaging manufacturers and distributors quickly know which products they can optimize and how they perform in terms of sustainability. 


PreZero and Packaging Cockpit experts can complement the online tool with additional consulting services upon request. These cover the entire packaging value chain - from product design, production and utilization to the recycling of materials for reuse in new products. The specialists at PreZero and Packaging Cockpit already advise many companies in a wide range of industries on the use of recyclates, technical feasibility and potential savings. With SPOT and its accompanying consulting services, manufacturers and distributors can set the course for a sustainable and compliant packaging portfolio. For free access to SPOT and more information, visit the PreZero website.


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Image caption: Packaging manufacturers and distributors can now optimize their products for free with PreZero SPOT, with even more features.


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