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Corporate Responsibility in Action – at All Levels

Sustainability in Practice at PreZero Luxembourg

In a world that's changing faster than ever, where sustainability is not just an option but a vital necessity, corporate responsibility towards people and the planet is gaining more public attention. For the PreZero Group, which has seen rapid international growth in recent years, long-term thinking and acting responsibly are integral to our corporate culture.

PreZero's operations across Europe aim to conserve resources, reduce waste, and promote recycling. But the company’s commitment extends beyond this, taking on broader environmental and social responsibilities. A prime and practical example of this is seen at PreZero Lamesch in Luxembourg, where a partnership that, at first glance, seems unrelated to the company’s core business, illustrates this commitment.

PreZero's Environmental Initiative in Luxembourg

December 2023 marked the start of PreZero Lamesch's partnership with natur&ëmwelt Centre de Soins pour la Faune Sauvage, a wildlife rescue and care center. This collaboration reflects PreZero’s commitment to supporting the Dudelange wildlife care sanctuary, providing both financial resources and our expertise in sustainability. Since its establishment in 1988, the Dudelange wildlife care center has been a haven for about 3,800 injured animals annually, serving as the only facility of its kind in Luxembourg and playing a crucial role in the country's wildlife conservation. With the support of PreZero Lamesch, the center can now take another significant step in its efforts to preserve biodiversity and care for injured or endangered wildlife, by funding the construction of a new bird aviary. In addition to monetary support, PreZero's commitment includes sharing its expertise in waste reduction and recycling. This collaboration aims to mitigate and counteract environmental harm, addressing the devastating effects of human-generated waste on flora and fauna.

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Responsibility at All Levels – Shaping the Future

Through such initiatives, PreZero Luxembourg, a member of the European corporate group, demonstrates that corporate responsibility goes beyond traditional core business boundaries. The company is deeply committed to environmental protection and the circular economy, actively participating in national and European associations, initiatives, and projects. Our collaboration with natur&ëmwelt Centre de Soins pour la Faune Sauvage is a perfect example of the power of responsible corporate action in positively transforming our environment and communities.

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Partnership-Driven Sustainability

For PreZero, embracing responsibility transcends economic considerations, which means shaping the future beyond economic measures. It's about acting in harmony with environmental and social values. This philosophy is reflected in ambitious objectives across various sectors, detailed in the company's latest CSR report. It's crucial to recognize that collaborations are indispensable for designing comprehensive solutions in the circular economy and unlocking innovative potential, such as in recycling technology.

PreZero promotes economic development and raises awareness about sustainability, working towards creating a greener future for society and the economy. Our focus extends beyond our products and business operations to include those of our business partners and society at large. This approach involves sharing knowledge, learning from one another, and contributing to environmental and climate protection, as exemplified by our initiatives in Luxembourg.