GoZero: Love at Second Sight

Find Your Perfect Match for Recyclables and Discards with PreZero Sweden's App


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GoZero: Matchmaking for a Sustainable Economy 

To reuse materials that would otherwise be discarded, the app matches them with their ideal partners. Until now, there was no systematic approach to facilitate and encourage reuse on such a large scale. GoZero bridges this gap by connecting companies, organizations, and individuals looking to part with used items with those seeking to repurpose them. Customers' discarded items are cataloged for sale, donation, or exchange on our online portal. 


This way, GoZero firmly aligns with the zero-waste vision of a world in which all waste finds a new purpose through reuse or recycling.  

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Innovative Features of GoZero 

Specifically for this project, PreZero Sweden chose to collaborate with IT experts Andreas Kviby and Henrik Schepp, whose passion for technology was a perfect match for PreZero's environmental focus.

This is reflected in the app's features, powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and designed to assist companies in efficiently managing their discarded but still valuable resources.  


1. Rapid, virtual inventory management:

AI technology enables GoZero to provide a quick and accurate inventory of items no longer needed and ready for a second life. This simplifies the process of documenting and categorizing items according to their condition, type, and potential for reuse. 

2. Interactive marketplace:

At the heart of GoZero lies users' ability to do more than just sell registered items; they can also donate or acquire them, nurturing a dynamic and versatile circular economy. 

3. Intuitive keyword search:

A user-friendly search feature makes it a breeze for users to sift through thousands of reusable items based on their specific needs, making it easy to find exactly what's needed. 

GoZero empowers everyone to take part in the circular economy, quickly rising to be the largest digital second-hand market in Sweden. 


Award for Circular Initiative of the Year 

The success of GoZero speaks volumes: the AI-powered online service was recently honored with the Circular Initiative of the Year Award 2023 at the annual gala hosted by the Swedish professional journal "Recycling." GoZero aims to continue being the space where companies and organizations conserve resources and forge new partnerships. 

Much like the serendipitous connections hoped for on Valentine's Day, GoZero proves that perfect matches can be found in the most unexpected places. If you're in Sweden or simply curious, discover GoZero today at: https://gozero.se/.


GoZero is more than an app. It's a testament to how innovative solutions can advance the circular economy.